Monday, September 15, 2008

The Plan

Variety is key. Every hear that before? I believe in that, but I think some programs may take it too far. That is where this program was heading.

Even when I was the PT coordinator for the recruits at the fire academy I developed a program which rarely repeated workouts. But the program did repeat movements. Every week we would drag tires at least once, we ran at least once, we did push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups at least once a week. The workouts were put into a program in which made them different to keep interest, but also made them similar to gauge progress.

So here's what I think: Each week I will post 4 workouts. I will not post rest days, I will not post cardio days. If you are an athlete, these 4 workouts can be done on strength days or along with your normal workout to give you a little bit of an edge. If this program is your primary training tool then you need to ensure you are getting enough cardio training. Firefighters need cardio training more than they need strength. Argue that if you want but it is true. The four workouts posted each week will be functional strength workouts. At least one, maybe two of those workouts will be repeated for a series of 3-4 weeks. This allows adaptation and increased functionality. This program will also cycle through power, growth, and weight reduction to keep improving the functionality of your bodies.

The first set of 4 workouts will be posted tomorrow.

Please use the comment section. It does a couple of things. First it tells me people are actually reading and using this stuff. Second it will help you compare yourself with others and maybe motivate you to push yourself a little harder.

Thanks for reading.

Joshua Goyet.

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