Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cardio Workout

(From L to R) Abby Harms, Hampton FD; Mary Colasanto, Virginia Beach FD; Katie Hodge, Newport News FD; Amy Bielinski, Virginia Beach FD; and Stacy Carroll, Newport News FD.

Do you get the idea that this week if heavy and aerobic conditioning. Anyone have sore legs yet? Hang in there and a power day, or week will be right around the corner. Today's workout should include intervals. What ever you cardio workout of choice is, add at least one set of intervals. These intervals should last about 2 minutes of hard work, followed by 2 minutes of easy recovery work. Repeat that cycle for a total of 5 intervals. Make sure you have a good warm up and cool down. Total workout should last at least 1 hour.


mrs_gizmo03 said...

I tried doing this yesterday, but was interrupted by a call.I didn't understand the instructions. What I got from it was to run (my cardio workout choice) for 40 min then do 20 min of 2 min sprints and 2 min fast walk. Which makes a total of 1 hour. Is that right?

Joshua said...

That is right. The 2 minutes of intervals will push you out of your comfort zone and the 2 minutes of rest will put you back in it. Basically the 20 minutes of intervals are the critical part of the workout. You can warm up and cool down as needed to make the cardio workout at least one hour.

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mrs_gizmo03 said...

Ok, thanks for the reply.