Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tire Drag Race

Tire used for all workouts on this site can be set up the same way. We use truck tires of different sizes. Your tire should be large enough that it is hard to pull it, but can be pulled steady for longer distances. We use 5" hose attached to the tire to pull but you could use smaller hose or even rope.

This is a great workout to do with your crew. We call it the Win-and-Out. The first race distance is 1/4 mile (400 meters). The winner is done.

Second race distance is 1/8 mile (200 meters). The winner is done. One more time at this distance.

Forth race distance is a 50 meter drag race. The winner is done. Repeat for final two.

This race is designed for 6 participants to start. For more than 6, the top two winners per leg could be out. For less than 6 participants, simple reduce the number of stages.

This workout allows the firefighters who need the most work to get the most work and it sparks great competition amongst the crew. Challenge other Fire Companies in you department.

This race can be done on grass, asphalt or concrete (concrete is the toughest).

Post distances and times to comments.

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